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Aug 29, 2012

National Parks Exploration Series: Great Smoky Mountains

National Parks Exploration Series: Great Smoky Mountains
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On September 4, Mill Creek Entertainment releases the latest Blu-ray DVD  installment in their National Parks Exploration Series—“The Great Smoky Mountains: Crown Jewel of the Appalachians”—a 76-minute feature film exploring America’s most visited national park.

Encompassing more than 520,000 acres, the Smokies run astride the Tennessee-North Carolina border and have few rivals for their rich and diverse natural attractions, which include old-growth forests, lush meadows, scenic waterfalls, and hundreds of species of birds, mammals, and fish, as well as the highest mountains in the Appalachians.

There are 850 miles of hiking trails and unpaved roads at the Great Smoky MountainsNational Park, including 70 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Serving as a hiking guide for the film is Randy Johnson, author of Falcon’s “The Best Easy Day Hikes Great Smoky Mountains” and “Best Easy Day Hikes Blue Ridge Parkway,” among other titles. View an excerpt of the film, and hear Randy discuss the joys and challenges of hiking the Smokies, here.

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