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Jul 02, 2013

by Steve Culpepper

When I heard that sound a few weeks ago I identified it directly, because the sound slipped right into my head and drew out that same odd chord from my remotest buried memory. Like a tuning fork touched to a glass, it came humming back for me.

I had heard that sound before. The sound the cicadas make.

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May 08, 2012

The day after the final clash at Gettysburg, Pa., on July 4th, 1863, far away and down the snaky Mississippi River in Vicksburg, Miss., an army of the Confederate States of America made a signal surrender to Ulysses S. Grant after a long siege. It was one of the final big blows to the Confederacy and opened the southern part of the Confederacy to Union depredation—the first step in William Tecumseh Sherman’s fiery march to the sea. Today, Vicksburg is a beautiful but somber National Civil War Battlefield park, with lovely hills and high bluffs, stunning views of the river and hundreds of stone monuments to the lives lost and the history made. It’s also a very good place to take a hike.

Blog > sfculpep

Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden, Connecticut, north of New Haven (41°25′50″N 72°53′27″W), swarms in warm weather, its half-dozen small peaks packed with hikers, the majority heading up the Tower Trail to a three-story stone lookout built in the 1930s by the federal Work Projects Administration.

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