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Dead Reckoning

Learning from Accidents in the Outdoors

Emma Walker

About this book

It's easier to stay alive if you know what's out there. That's the philosophy behind
Dead Reckoning, an honest, unflinching, sometimes-thrilling collection of close calls and catastrophes in the Great Outdoors. Emma Walker's narrative nonfiction covers outdoor activities ranging from hiking to sea kayaking to backcountry skiing, all in accessible, easy-to-understand terms. At the end of each chapter, she distills lessons learned for staying safe in the outdoors––all with a relatable (and occasionally vulnerable) twist.

About this author
Emma was born and raised in Golden, Colorado, and has spent her adult years traveling and living around the American West and Alaska. She has worked as a camp counselor, raft guide, and avalanche educator, and holds a master's degree in outdoor and environmental education. Emma works as a freelance writer from her home in Boise, Idaho.