by Tracy Salcedo-Chourré

My basecamp on Lake Tahoe is a spectacular home on the northwest shore, in an established neighborhood with a private beach and boat dock. It’s a home-away-from-home, a reservoir of good times as vast and deep as the lake itself. Every foray described in Best Hikes Near Reno-Lake Tahoe began at this glorious basecamp.

Lynn Hill. Steph Davis. Sasha DiGiulian. These are just a few of the greatest names in women’s climbing history. And they’re just a few of the twenty most inspiring North American female climbers featured in the visually-stunning book, Women Who Dare. Each one has dedicated her life to pursuing her dream, to becoming the best climber she could be. And these ladies have certainly mastered the rock. So when it comes to offering up climbing tips to other climbers, who better to go to for answers? So we dared Lynn Hill, Steph Davis, and others to answer: If you could offer one essential tip to other climbers, what would it be? Read on for their answers:

By Ben Conners

In recent years the sport of backcountry skiing has grown substantially in popularity, and not just in the state of Colorado—the setting of our new book, Climbing and Skiing Colorado’s Mountains—but nationwide. Continual advancements and developments in alpine touring (AT) gear, along with a growing wealth of information related to the sport on the Internet, has created a perfect platform for those seeking an experience above and beyond resort skiing to find the thrill of backcountry.

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Feb 13, 2014

Asheville, N.C., is an outdoor enthusiast's playground. With its close proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains, the city offers up some spectacular hiking and mountain biking trails, as well as fly fishing spots along Fontana Lake and throughout the region. Here is a wonderful reminder of the beauty of the area.

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Feb 11, 2014

Camping is a fun adventure for the whole family to try. But to ensure that the entire family thoroughly enjoys itself on the trip, you’ll want to first make sure that you have all of the gear you’ll need, especially for the kids tagging along for the fun. Here, from Cliff Jacobson’s Camping’s Top Secrets, is some valuable information you need to know about packing gear for the little ones.

Rain Gear


by Damon Corso

“When you grab an edge at Stoney, you’re touching a hold Royal Robbins caressed. When you step on a hold, you could be adding your boot scum to that of Bob Kamps. When you peel off Boulder 1 and land in the dirt, you’re thumping where Yvon Chouinard did.”—John Sherman, Stone Crusade

Stoney Point Park, tucked into the corner of Topanga Canyon Blvd and the 118 freeway in Chatsworth, is Los Angeles' oldest outdoor climbing gym, and as the country's first "bouldering area," its sandstone walls and boulders have been used by climbers for over 80 years.

At Stoney Point it is easy to follow in the footsteps of such American rock climbing legends as Royal Robbins, Ron Kauk, John Long, Lynn Hill, Yvon Chouinard, John Bachar, Michael Reardon, and Bob Kamps. Some of these luminaries went on to spearhead groundbreaking first ascents of dream climbs, such as the Salathé and North America walls on El Capitan into reality.

Here is my top five list of boulders left behind by some of the greatest heroes of our sport.

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Amidst low snow totals and an unfortunate inversion that pressed smog down onto the streets of Salt Lake City, the outdoor industry once again came to the annual Outdoor Retailer show. On everyone’s mind was how to engage a younger, more diverse audience in outdoor recreation, bringing the millennial generation, iPhones in tow, to the great outdoors.

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Jan 24, 2014

Looking for some new dinner ideas to try out on the trail? Tired of the same, boring and bland dishes? Here, from Cooking the One-Burner Way, are three family-size dishes to spice up your trailside dinners.

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Jan 16, 2014

by Justin Lichter,

Fires are the essence of camping and a key tool for survival. It is essential to know how to start a fire in any situation, including with wet wood. Being comfortable making a fire can get you out of trouble and is one of your last lines of defense against the elements. Here’s how to do it:

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Jan 13, 2014

By Dr. Jamie Cooper, PhD,

So you’re planning on participating in a triathlon this year, huh? You’ve been training hard, breaking in those new running shoes and shiny bike. But what about your nutrition? Are you making sure your body has the proper nutrients it needs to get you through the race? Well, don’t worry, we’ll get you through it! Here, from her book, The Complete Nutrition Guide for Triathletes, Dr. Jamie A. Cooper offers up her top ten nutrition tips for triathletes.


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