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Jan 13, 2014

By Dr. Jamie Cooper, PhD,

So you’re planning on participating in a triathlon this year, huh? You’ve been training hard, breaking in those new running shoes and shiny bike. But what about your nutrition? Are you making sure your body has the proper nutrients it needs to get you through the race? Well, don’t worry, we’ll get you through it! Here, from her book, The Complete Nutrition Guide for Triathletes, Dr. Jamie A. Cooper offers up her top ten nutrition tips for triathletes.

Hey check it out! FalconGuides climbing author Eric Hörst and his family will be featured in a series of episodes on!

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Jan 02, 2014

Welcome to January! As we New Englanders prepare to fire up our snow blowers and stock up on milk, bread, and road salt for tomorrow's anticipated blizzard and close to a foot of the white stuff, mother nature, too, braces herself for the upcoming snowfall.

by American Mountain Guides Association

The American Mountain Guides Association has spent 30 years establishing itself as the premier source for training, credentials, resource stewardship, and services for professional guides in the United States. However, in 2012, our members told us they needed more. They wanted us to better communicate with them, to provide them with additional, improved educational and networking opportunities, and to fight for increased access to areas in which to guide. They requested that we help them grow and market their businesses, and they asked us to help spread the word to the guided public.

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Dec 05, 2013

by Meredith Dias

How much of northern California can you see in just four days? When my husband and I visited my brother in September, we set out to answer this question. As we discovered, you can see a lot of it—if you can put up with a little sleep deprivation, a lot of driving, an eat-only-to-survive mentality, and each other. Here’s a recap of our ambitious NorCal adventure:

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Dec 04, 2013

For this year’s holiday gear gift guide, Gear Guy called some of the nation’s top independent outdoor retailers to find out what their favorite items are this season. Here are their picks. Happy outdoor holidays!

Ever wonder how to handle, well, going to the bathroom while out in the backcountry? As a conscientious outdoorsman (or woman), you do your best to follow all Leave No Trace practices when it comes to tidying up your trash, but how realistic is it to pack out human waste? Here FalconGuides author Buck Tilton tells the proper way to dispose of your, well, you know…

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Nov 14, 2013

Congratulations to authors Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer, whose book, The Kids' Outdoor Adventure Book, is an honorable mention in the Children's category of the 2013 National Outdoor Book Awards. Great job, guys!

What’s your favorite place to climb?

We asked this question of the climbers featured in Women Who Dare, a visually-stunning profile of twenty of America’s most inspiring female climbers, including legendary great Lynn Hill and current top-ranked female outdoor sport climber Sasha DiGiulian. Yosemite, Patagonia, Zion National Park, Hueco Tanks, Indian Creek, Rifle Mountain Park, the New, and the Red are places that the women mention again and again. They think nothing of driving from Washington, D.C., to Kentucky’s Red River Gorge for a weekend. Or of bouncing around from location to location, all while living out of their car, like Kate Rutherford. So these women, who seemingly have climbed everywhere, have their pick of the world’s best climbing locations… which ones are their favorites? Read on to find out:


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