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May 01, 2014

Want to create a unique, interesting birdhouse for the birds in your backyard? Now you can, using an album cover from an old vinyl record. The whole project shouldn’t cost more than $5–$10 and maybe even less if you already have some of the supplies at home. It’s a great gift, especially for someone who likes music and the birds.

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Apr 29, 2014

Spring fever has dogs wagging their tails as they gallivant along forested trails soaked with fresh moist pungent scents. But spring is also an annual coming out party for one of nature’s sneakiest critters. Rain and the warmth of sunny days guarantee a bumper crop of tiny ticks. They balance on one acrobatic little leg on the delicate limbs of low brush just waiting to hitch a ride on your exuberant dog. Lush grass in parks and stream banks camouflage battalions of these clingy invaders as Rover’s belly combs the new green growth and his tail sweeps up the stragglers.

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By Mike Graf, author of the Adventures with the Parkers series.

Are you planning a vacation this summer? Can’t decide where to go because everyone in the family has particular interests? You might consider trying a national park!

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Apr 16, 2014

With summer around the corner, here are some identification tips and rockhounding techniques to help you return from the beach with more than just a tan this season--pockets full of rocks, gems, minerals, fossils, and other treasures collected along the shore.

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Apr 11, 2014

Covering more than 60,000 square acres and spreading across Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas, the Ozarks offer endless beauty and solitude for outdoor enthusiasts. Hikes across long ridgetops, into quiet valleys and cool hollows, and through rocky creeks give visitors a chance to view the unique natural and cultural history of the area. Springs, caves, sinkholes, bluffs, glades, hardwood forests, clear-flowing streams, waterfalls, and lakes are the natural gems of the Ozarks.

Given the vastness of this region, selecting a hike can be overwhelming. In their book, Hiking Ozarks: A Guide to the Area’s Greatest Hiking Adventures, JD Tanner and Emily Ressler-Tanner detail forty of the what they consider the very best hiking trails throughout the region. And here, below, they share with us their five favorite Ozark trails.

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Apr 09, 2014

Here, courtesy of Lipsmackin' Backpackin', is another scrumptious trailside recipe to help satisfy your cravings after a long hike or outdoor adventure:

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Apr 08, 2014
Here at FalconGuides, it’s part of our mission to get kids engaged with the outdoors. After all, who will share the wonder of the world’s great wide-open spaces if an entire generation is more content exploring the World of Warcraft than the nation’s National Parks? But getting the youth to fall in love with the outdoors takes more than simply giving a command like “Go outside until I tell you to come in!” 

By Nathan and Jeremy Barnes

Washington State is home to just about every type of landscape imaginable. From the shores of the Pacific to the heights of Columbia Crest, you’ll find hikes providing access to an endless variety of destinations. With so much to choose from, deciding on a hike can be overwhelming. Is this an alpine lake sort of a weekend, or does it feel more like you should be scrambling to a summit? Do you want to feel the spray from the ocean or from a cascading waterfall?

To help, we’ve picked five of our favorite hikes from our recent book, Hiking through History, Washington. Each hike is a little off-the-beaten path, so you may not have heard of it, and each offers something special that sets it apart from the others.


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Known around the globe for its sports, seafood, and schools, Boston is also famous for styling itself “The Hub of the Universe," or simply "The Hub." (Don't call it "Beantown." Just don't.) It may not be a city that never sleeps (good luck catching the subway past midnight) and it's certainly not the most polite of towns (wear a Yankees jersey to Fenway at your peril).


But Boston has it all: a fascinating history that stretches back to the country's founding, a progressive and dynamic culture that propels it fearlessly forward, and a self-deprecating devotion that kept people flocking to Fenway through an eighty-plus-year pennant drought.


And with each year, Greater Boston is becoming a better place to bike, both for transportation and for pleasure. Whether it's commuting from Harvard Square to Dorchester, or escaping the city's bustle for quieter locales like Revere Beach or World's End, a bike is your ticket. Whatever mood you're in, particular terrain you want to tackle, or type of cyclist you happen to be, there's a ride within easy reach for all.


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