Learning about edible wild plants not only will provide you with some extra food but will also inevitably lead you on a path of discovery about the natural world and our connection to it. Many of the plants we walk past daily, see as ornamentals, or destroy as weeds are indeed edible, delicious, and filled with nutrients.Here, from Edible Wild Plants, by Todd Telander, are five plants you should know about:

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Jul 03, 2012

Today’s how-to: How to tie a figure 8 knot

When you’ll need this: This knot is useful for climbers as well as campers and boaters.

Why it’s important: The figure 8 knot is a fundamental knot. Despite its bulky appearance, it does not stop a rope from running through a slot. It unties easier than an overhand, so it works when a stopper needs to be tied and untied often. The figure 8 is the basis for many other knots and it’s a knot one needs to know. Modify it as a bend, loop, or hitch. The International Guild of Knot Tyers dubs it the best overall knot.

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by JD Tanner

I would guess that many of us are familiar with the Devil’s Tower National Monument, one of the filming locations for 1977’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind, in northeast Wyoming? The volcanic neck tops out at 5,112 feet above sea level and juts up 865 feet from the ground with nothing but grasslands and pine forests surrounding it. Such an odd formation to be in this location that it is known as a sacred site to the Lakota and over twenty other tribes in the area. The tower is a popular destination for rock climbers and park tourists alike.

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By Joe Glickman

No stretch of water on the planet is as feared as the legendary passage around Cape Horn, where gale-force winds, rogue waves, icebergs, and summertime blizzards have sunk more than 800 ships. Freya Hoffmeister intended to paddle around it.

Check out this cool crack climbing video of 22-year-old Hayden Kennedy making the first ascent of Carbondale Short Bus (5.14-) in Indian Creek, Utah, which he redpointed on March 21, 2012. Indian Creek is featured in Stewart Green’s upcoming new edition of Rock Climbing Utah.

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Aug 10, 2012

Here's another great, relatively easy recipe for the trail, and one that's perfect for larger groups:

by National Wildlife Federation

Welcome to June 2012, a month that has been designated Great Outdoors Month by President Barack Obama and by dozens of states across the country.

National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is gearing up to celebrate the great outdoors with Great American Backyard Campout, scheduled for June 23. You can join the Great American Backyard Campout, whether you are an experienced outdoor enthusiast or a first-time camper. Spend the night sleeping under the stars and give back to American children what they don’t even know they’ve lost—their connection to the natural world. We have all you will need to get you ready to camp at your fingertips on the official website at www.backyardcampout.org.

If you participate in the Campout, consider nocturnal wildlife-watching as an activity that will keep you and the family entertained even without your computer or TV. Once the sun sets, the cast of critters that roams your yard changes completely. Depending on where you live, here are five species you may be able to spot:


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