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Dec 19, 2013

There is nothing more magical than gliding on snow with skis on your feet. And what’s more fun than sharing this experience with the entire family? Yup, that includes those little tots, too! Kids as young as two can attempt to ski (with lots of focus on fun in the snow!). But it can be a tricky maneuver getting kids to enjoy the slopes as much as you do. The initial shock of cold combined with being strapped to long, foreign objects can be enough to send even the most angelic kids straight into a devilish tantrum. So how, exactly, do you get kids to enjoy learning to ski?

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Aug 28, 2013

By Sharon Naylor

Mother Nature sets a stunning scene for a marriage proposal. From breathtaking views at the top of a mountain to a cascading waterfall, from a private beach that appears magically after a long hike through a tropical forest to the lush foliage of a favorite every-weekend hiking path, the magic of the Great Outdoors is now a top setting for popping the question. When a couple enjoys an active lifestyle and adventure sports together, and perhaps their love story started with a first date bike ride, the perfect, personalized marriage proposal will often include an outdoor escapade. Here are some fabulous and inspiring marriage proposal stories with nature as a key element:

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Apr 23, 2012

As you take advantage of the spectacular scenery that our many national parks have to offer this coming summer, remember that our earth is very dear, very special, and very fragile. All of us should do everything we can to keep it clean, beautiful, and healthy. Whether you’re exploring Yosemite or the Rocky Mountains, Denali or the Great Smoky Mountains, here are some green tips for you to take with you on your journey:

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